CPAC Continues Their Open Bias

When we agreed to adhere to the rules of CPAC and become an official army, we did it with the understanding that we would be treated fairly. Today, in the Legends Cup battle against the ACP, it was clear that we had won. Many of you witnessed the battle and although ACP fought valiantly, we maintained supremacy from start to finish. It came as a shock both to us and many other leaders that ACP was declared the winner.

I think this makes it abundantly clear that this tournament has judges that are heavily biased and CPAC immediately banned all of our members from their chat when we began to object.

They have proceeded to ban anybody who might have questions over why ACP was chosen or why there were only five votes instead of eight. I feel bad for the rest of the community who will continue to struggle and fight for a cause they have already been pre-destined to lose.

EDIT: I have received word that CPAC has told all armies to ban PR from their Xats in order to silence us. Wake up, all they are doing is making sure we can’t tell you the truth. Share and spread this, do not let Matt and his cronies run YOUR community.

Operation Aamon Successful

The servers Jack Frost and White Out were both taken away from the Light Troops by the Purple Republic tonight. Their leader, the infinitely idiotic Waterkid, favorited this post but did not dispatch a defensive team.

Since this was a casual operation for us we limited our army to around 20 at any given time. Anybody who faced us at the Conquest Games knows that this is a small force.

Here we are conquering Jack Frost.
Jack Frost

This is where White Out fell.
White Out

We have also demonstrated our ability to coordinate. We are number 1.

For the Republic,

Violante Alleta

Operation Aamon 7/2

Tomorrow evening at 7:59pm CST the Purple Republic will invade the servers of Jack Frost and White Out and claim our first territories.

None will be spared the master’s wrath. 

Combat Update 6/30

This has been a glorious week for the Purple Republic.

After finally gaining acknowledgment by the Club Penguin community we have embarked upon an impressive campaign of conquest. During our time raiding the Conquest Games which resulted in the complete disruption of the tournament we made ourselves known as the ultimate force to be reckoned with. Our cause was undeniable and we were finally given the recognition we have so long deserved. 

The Light Troops actively pledged their support to the Purple Republic during the Conquest Games but reneged when it came time to fulfill their promise. For that they have earned their place at the top of the list of other-colored scum that are our enemies. That is why we raided their battle with the Ice Warriors was detailed very well in this article:

Although both the Ice Warriors and the Light Troops declared victory, I think it was clear that we once again dominated them upon the field of battle. There are screenshots of the Light Troops retreating to their igloos due to our enormous girth so they are obviously liars when claiming their victory.

Ice Warriors put up a valiant resistance but they too ultimately fell to our superior numbers. Although they performed one joke bomb, they realized they were fighting a losing battle and signed off before we could prove their loss any further. While I will not call them cowards, I found their flight in the face opposition rather disappointing.

The Purple Republic stands among the best and we officially claim Permafrost as our home server with many more conquests to come. 

Conquest Games Complete Fraud

The Conquest Games were marked with widespread cheating and flagrant bias by the CPAC judgment staff. Iceyfeet, the creator of the event and one of the leaders of the army that won, clearly had a vested interest in ensuring the victory of the Ice Warriors. This entire Conquest Games was a complete farce.

Here is a screenshot of the Snow Forts, an area which the Purple Republic held for the entirety of the games that the DW supposedly won. Does this look like winning to you?

I think not. 

They’re lying to you. Wake up.

Why CPAC is Killing Armies

Greetings my fellow members of the glorious Purple Empire and those who have yet to convert.

I am talking today about a grave in justice being perpetrated upon the army community by the staff at Club Penguin Army Central. Their systematic injustices have been occurring for far too long and it is time the greater community realized those very injustices. For years now the staff at CPAC have refused to recognize me or the Purple Republic as a legitimate army after we dominated the entire army scene when they allowed us to participate.

See, there is no story to be found in a world where the Purple Republic is dominate. There is no drama in my organization, no coups, no turnover. It is in CPAC’s best interest to maintain a world where internal conflict can continue which is exactly what they’re doing.

The Top Ten List

Many of you are probably frustrated by how this list seems to be chosen somewhat arbitrarily. I think everybody has probably seen at one point in time what seems like a rise or fall in the rankings that makes little sense. The Top Ten List is vaguely justified using numbers of army sizes mustered during the week that rarely reflect the reality of the situation.

How else do you justify the continued presence of RPF on the rankings when they barely count as a Small Army at this point?

The Top Ten List is a calculated move used to create a false sense of competition and drama within the Army Community. It creates a set of “winners” and “losers” that are then turned into heroes and villains by the staff in order for them to keep their readership and their jobs. You have also probably noticed that although there are some minor fluctuations on a week-to-week basis, the top of this list generally remains fairly static. This is on purpose because CPAC is dependent on the readership of large armies which constitute the majority of the community. As long as their superiority is affirmed, CPAC is legitimized in their authority and can continue to spew their propaganda.


Because CPAC is essentially the sole media outlet for the Army Community, they wield absolutely enormous influence upon the happenings in the community. It is because of this they have denied the Purple Republic our rightful spot time and time again even though we have tried to follow the rules by claiming servers and declaring conflict.

By controlling the flow of information, they in effect control the reality of the state of affairs in the community.

Once again, this an enormous power that is being used to boost the status of a select few. Their arbitrary rulings cannot be contested as they shape the discussion surrounding issues since they are the only media outlet. When you control the information in its entirety you are determining how the game is played. The staff knows this and is maintaining their vested interest in remaining in this seat of power.


Think for a moment what truly determines the outcome of a battle. How it plays out or how CPAC reports it? If you’ve thought about it at all, you’ll realize that it simply how CPAC reports it. Depending on the headline they choose by looking at a snapshot of a fight that is probably biased, they “report” on the story and determine its outcome for the community.

Many of you have probably experienced this at one point in time. There was a battle that your army absolutely won from start to finish yet the headline was inexplicably in favor of the other army. What happened? The CPAC staff changed the narrative to fit their agenda instead of reporting the unbiased truth. It is a cycle used to ensure their continued survival in the community and also once again to justify their continued jobs and positions of power.


You certainly won’t see this post make it to the front page of CPAC because it exposes them for the hypocrites and self-invested charlatans that they are. I just hope that those who read it realize the continued injustice that they do to both the Purple Republic and the army community as a whole with their inaccurate reporting. It only exists in order to feed their positions of power and authority in determining the winners and losers and their leadership are so deeply entrenched they will do anything to maintain such position.

I am sure that if they do post something about this they will deny it with a series of silly pictures or laugh it off entirely. But dear reader, please think back to all the times you have been victimized by their injustice and chalked it off as a fluke. Remember all the times your army fell when it should have risen or stayed at the top and remember all the false and inaccurate headlines. Truth is objective but the media can’t help but to be subjective.

CPAC goes far beyond that and maintains an active bias in all of their reporting while acting as the determinant of winners and losers in the community. A common headline they spout for attention is “Is ____ the End of Armies?”

They need to look no further than themselves to see what is actually holding back and killing the community.

Yours Truly,

Violante Alleta

The Conquest Games

A fitting title for what is about to occur. The Purple Empire rises again and now the community will tremble at our appearance. For those who wish to join us, take up the One True Color and you will spared the misery that is soon to follow.

Take flight, Icarus. The Cruel Summer is upon us.

False Prophets

I would like to take a moment to deny the false envoys of the Grand Purple Empire that have been pretending to have been sanctioned by me. Both this “Earthing” and “Nivan” are poor excuses for leaders and have never communicated with me and I certainly find them entirely unworthy of associating with me or the Republic in any form.

Crush them.

Edit: I am who I am.

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:
And on the pedestal these words appear:
“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

Ramesses Protocol is now in effect. Gather beneath the banner of the Purple Empire, the mighty will soon crumble.

I am who I am.

New Year

New Year, New Order.